Where to Dance Jive in the UK?

There is no question that Jive is one of the most popular dance routines in the United Kingdom. The classic Jive dance is a sight to behold when professional dancers take the floor and showcase the fast-paced routine. Seeing them with quick and fast moving techniques using their feet is a great crowd drawer.

Modern Jive has also been making its rounds in the UK where a lot of clubs and places are offering the chance for people to learn the dance. This is a simple take on the classical Jive where it is easier to learn and much more relaxing to dance. You do not have to worry about complicated footwork and just dance to the beat of the music.

Jive in the UK

There are a lot of places in the UK where people can learn the dance. From Blackpool, Liverpool, and Greater Manchester in North West to Cleveland and Middlesbrough in North East. Yorkshire also has classes in York, Bradford, and even Doncaster. Here are some of the places in the UK where you can take up Jive dancing


Known to a lot of people as c’est Rock, they have been a pillar in the world of dancing for almost three centuries. Going to a Ceroc club is usually synonymous to having a good time with other people on the dance floor while keeping healthy and fit at the same time. Ceroc offers a lot of dance styles including Modern Jive.

The classes are aimed at helping you learn while having fun but at the same time offering a good variation in techniques so you have a good foundation of the basics. Ceroc also teaches in a way where skills acquired can be used by dancing solo or with a partner.

Salsa Jive

This is one of the best places to learn about dancing that covers not only Modern Jive but Salsa as well. This site will help you identify places to look into to pick out the best clubs or classes and even special events that would suit your needs, budget and even availability. The site is updated regularly to keep giving you present and relevant information

Jive Cats

If you are preparing for a big event such as a wedding dance or simply want to be able to enjoy social dancing with friends, Jive Cat can help you get started. They offer lessons that are accessible from south Oxfordshire, north west Surrey, south Buckinghamshire, and north Hampshire.

This is a great place to start for people who believe that was born with two left feet when it comes to dancing. Jive Cat also helps people overcome their fear of dancing by giving great Jive lessons to build up on. The classes are excellent that is why most students usually end up being a big part of the dance floor action.

There is no doubt that Jive classes are a great way to keep fit and healthy as well as a surefire way to meet new friends. It can help you get out more often and be able to socialize with people and actually do something you love. The lessons teach an original 6-beat jive perfect for taking command of the dance floor.