What is Jive?

Jive is one of the most exciting dance routines and this site is dedicated to helping you understand more about it. It has a rich history as it dates back to the 1930s and a colorful one at that with its Latin and Western influences.

Jive History

The site will walk you through the development of the dance routine. It will give you the facts from the 1930s and how American GIs and the World War II were instrumental in bringing Jive to Europe as well. It also explains how the dance is a fast-paced routine where most movements are done with the feet and do not need the whole dance floor to execute.

International Latin Dances

Jive also forms one of the international latin dances being recognized during international competitions. Along with the up-tempo Cha Cha, the fast paced Rumba, a lively Samba, the two-step Paso Doble, the Jive remains one of the most watched routines in dance competitions. The quick steps put people in awe of how dancers perform it using only a small space on the dance floor.

Modern Jive

As people started to appreciate Jive, they also started to put their own twist and interpretation to the dance. This resulted in what is now called Modern Jive. This site helps you understand how this modern take differs from the classic and quite fast and complex original routine. Modern Jive now helps a lot of people enjoy the dance with their own pace.

Jive dancing in the UK

As Modern Jive started to take over most of the clubs in the UK, there are a lot of places and sites that offer classes for those who want to learn it. The site will help you identify the best places to visit to learn how to dance the Jive. It will not only help you stay fit and healthy, Jive dance classes will also introduce you to other people improving your social life.

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Jive dance champions

The site will also help you get to know some of the world champion dancers in the Latin division. They are the ones who are able to dance not only the Jive to perfection but other routines as well. Some of these top world dancers you would read up on are world number 1 Ms. Yulia Zagoruychenko and Mr. Riccardo Cocchi, ranked world number 2 – Dorin Frecautanu & Marina Sergeeva. The site will also introduce world ranked number 3 – Mr. Stefano Di Filippo & Ms. Daria Chesnokova. They are some of the top pair dancers that are best in their field.